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Our alternative practitioner, osteopath and physiotherapist Britta Wehrs will help you with physical and mental ailments using naturopathic, folk and alternative medicine methods.

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Individual and holistic treatment

Treatment in combination with osteopathy allows a “free” choice of treatment techniques, which can be individually adapted to your needs.

For most sufferers, headaches and migraines make them feel very ill. In order to get to the bottom of the actual causes of your headaches, we try to clarify a number of questions using a holistic approach. When does the headache worsen and in what quality does it occur? Are there specific accompanying symptoms or triggers such as allergies, the weather or food intolerances? Finding a holistic treatment that addresses individual needs is the key to your well-being.

Pain has a warning function. The body signals that there is inflammation or tissue damage, for example. This is basically a positive signal, but a quick response is now required to treat negative processes in the organism. During long periods of pain, a pain memory develops that responds to recurring strong stimuli – the brain now reproduces the pain itself. As a non-medical practitioner, the holistic “human” aspect is what counts. I want to prevent mental stress from leading to physical pain.

One wrong move and the pain runs deep. Herniated discs occur spontaneously and require immediate targeted treatment. What helps now is exercise – and the right kind. Benefit from my many years of experience as a physiotherapist and alternative practitioner. Massages, reflex treatments and manual therapy provide relief so that stressed intervertebral discs can function well again and have sufficient “freedom”. Regular applications improve the respective symptoms within a few weeks. Don’t hold out any longer and finally become pain-free.

Changing symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract are challenging and often painful. In reality, cuts in quality of life and well-being result in an emergency situation that has only one answer from a practical healing point of view: the gut-brain axis. Sooner or later, emotional grievances end up in the digestive tract. Important messenger substances are missing, the mood suffers. I take the time to understand the complex symptoms of your personal situation and try to alleviate your suffering using various methods.

The natural path to external and internal balance is a good thing. We women experience different phases of hormonal upheaval over the course of time. From the onset of menstruation and pregnancy to becoming a mother and the subsequent menopause – mastering these changes is a question of hormone levels and constitution. But environmental, stress-related and psychological aspects also play a role. This is where experience and knowledge make the difference.

The ground sways, everything spins and the floor sags – dizziness is caused by a loss of balance, but the cause is not always to be found in the sense of balance. Seizure-like, spontaneous or persistent dizziness is one of the second most common symptoms experienced by patients. Nutrition plays an important role from a practical healing point of view. It is considered an important factor in the development of vertigo syndrome. If the conventional anamnesis remains without findings, symptomatic relief does not solve the problem.

Frequent or chronic infections are in most cases a sign of a weak immune system. There are various reasons why this immune deficiency occurs and why infections cannot be properly fought off. The naturopathic perspective is based on a holistic view of personal and environmental causes. Mental stress, nutritional errors, toxic or chronic stress, regulatory disorders and deficiencies can put your immune system under severe pressure.

Drawing, tearing or flowing pain, often associated with restricted movement. Rheumatism is the name given to around 450 rheumatic diseases. If these chronic inflammations are not treated, they often lead to joint swelling, misalignment, joint deformation and ultimately joint stiffness. Wear-related diseases mainly occur later in life, but all other rheumatic diseases can also affect children and adolescents. In my many years as an alternative practitioner and physiotherapist, rheumatism treatments with manual therapies, connective tissue techniques and osteopathy, for example, have proven their worth.

Techniques of our alternative practitioner


All three systems together are crucial for human health potential. In osteopathy, this holistic treatment concept is always considered together. The main areas of application depend on individual situations and aspects of the disease. The gentle manipulation of the skull addresses the body’s own processes and focuses on the head, sacrum and spinal canal as well as all its sheaths and connections. The musculoskeletal system and internal organs are also treated.

Respiratory therapy

More air is more life. We are driven by the desire to improve people’s performance, health and quality of life. Innovative applications or the conscious use of physical breathing skills – combined together, the right breathing technique helps to positively influence the mental state. Under stress and pressure, many patients tend to breathe shallowly. Only a small proportion of the lung volume is used. Respiratory therapy counteracts this lack of oxygen with the right breathing technique.

Connective tissue massage

Release tension and stimulate self-healing. This proven massage technique loosens adhesions and, as part of manual stimulation therapy, targets various application techniques on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and fascia. Tensions are balanced, the nervous system is regulated and internal organs are positively influenced. The traction stimulus on the connective tissue is intended to produce reflex effects on tissue and organs and can be used on various areas of the body. Connective tissue massages are performed around the joints and on the back.


Traditional stimulation therapy has been used for thousands of years. From a natural history point of view, cupping is one of the purging and drainage procedures. In this method, pathogenic or harmful substances are removed from the organism and, depending on the indication, applied in a bloody, bloodless or massage form. Areas in need of treatment are palpated and negative pressure is created with cupping bells. The underlying tissue pulls up, which increases blood flow and loosens the structure.


Needles can help. Acupuncture uses precisely defined body points into which fine acupuncture needles are inserted. They are located on pathways and meridians through which Qi (life energy) flows. If there are blockages in the organism, the Qi can no longer flow undisturbed and diseases develop. The treatment of these points is intended to activate self-healing powers and is used for sleep disorders, migraines or to relieve pain during childbirth. TCM uses around 400 acupuncture points to normalize the flow of energy in the body.

Electrotherapy, ultrasound, fango

In order to accelerate treatment success as effectively as possible and support healing processes, these measures are used to supplement physiotherapy. Electric current relieves pain, ultrasound generates heat and eases painful flare-ups in spinal and joint disorders. Mud packs are filled with natural healing substances and are applied to affected areas of the body. The additional applications help after operations, with muscle weakness, pain or fascia problems.


Tense muscles can irritate nerves and restrict their mobility. Typically, symptoms do not occur at the site of the cause, but where the impinged nerve takes over the supply. In most cases, the symptoms are reversible and harmless, but if not, the reduced sensation can lead to muscle weakness or paralysis. Neurodynamics supports the nerve in regaining its original mobility and making it less sensitive. The method is painless.

Lymphatic drainage

Decongestive therapy always helps when lymphatic fluid builds up in the tissue and the arms or legs swell, for example. The accumulated fluid and thus also toxins are flushed out by the massage. In addition to manual lymphatic drainage, mechanical lymphatic drainage ensures the correct stimulation of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic pants create the desired pressure and stimulate the lymph so that the metabolism can work normally again. A combination of both techniques enhances the treatment effect.

Flossing/occlusion training

Blood flow restriction training can help at a very early stage in the rehabilitation of injuries or signs of wear and tear. Muscle-building programs, cruciate ligament rehabilitation or arthrosis therapy use occlusion training just as successfully as top athletes. In addition to endurance, mobility is also increased. The use of the manual flossing tool relieves pain, accelerates recovery and reduces rehabilitation times. The flossing devices are wrapped around the affected areas of the body and use special exercises to mobilize the respective limb or body region.

Dry needling

Dry needling has been used for more than 50 years and is based on medical research results and principles. This involves inserting needles into so-called trigger points. The aim is to positively influence the flow of energy and thus treat illnesses. Dry needling is a special form of therapy using filament needles and is dedicated to trigger points in the body. This is mainly used in the fields of sports medicine and orthopaedics.

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